Vancouver and Seattle

REGION: Ottawa South

DESCRIPTIONThe V&S is a semiprototypical representation of the route built by the GN between Vancouver and Seattle. The time is shortly after the merger of the GN, NP, Spokane, Portland and Seattle and the CB&Q railroads which created the Burlington Northern. With the recent merger, repainting of the fleet in the BN scheme has barely started with much still appearing on the layout in its prior merger colour scheme, as it did on the prototype. On the Canadian side, motive power is represented by the CP, CN and the BCR.

The layout features both national and international passenger and freight. Cities are located in a geographically correct order on the layout but otherwise are freelanced. Canada is on the upper level and the US on the lower. This aids in orienting direction for the operator; as if you’re going towards the US, you’re going South and vice versa. The two levels are connected by a semi- open helix in the center of the layout where operators can watch their trains traverse the helix. At the top is the border which has a major yard for freight as well as a separate set of tracks for passenger service.
SIZE20 x 10 (each level)POWERDCC
Timetable with switch lists
LOCALESouthwest BC, Northwest WashingtonERAEarly 1970s
FEATURESBilevel with helix.

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