Torbolton and Bay RR

REGION: Ottawa South

The Torbolton and Bay RR represents about 1700 hours of enjoyable time well spent. It is a 2 level layout connected by a double track helix. The layout has approximately 1,000 feet of Atlas flex track and 145 Peco Insulfrog switches. The lower level is complete with about 50% of landscaping remaining on the second level. As the layout was built for operations there are wide aisles, plenty of industries and switching opportunities. The layout represents the modern era with both through and local freights. There is one main yard, 3 smaller yards to serve local industries and an interchange/staging area.. The layout has 17 different industries and 2 engine facilities. The lower level has a double track main, the upper has a single main with passing sidings to make life interesting.
SIZE14ft x 50ft with a separate helix areaPOWERDCC
Yes; no car cards – switch car for carOPERATING
FEATURESPerfect opportunity to see how layouts get started and the type of construction found under the finished scenery. You will see how a modern layout is constructed using the latest construction techniques for standard benchwork, shelf layout, helix and lighting.

[Photos will be updated as work progresses on this railway.]

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