Returning Participants

Welcome back to the Capital Region Model Railway Tour. Once again, local modellers have offered to open their layouts for the day and host visitors who would like to see what model railroading is all about.

Please note: this is not a “house tour”!
The objective is for us all to share in the experience – visitor and layout owner alike. Respect the owner’s home and stay in the designated railway tour areas only. If you have children in your group, please ensure that they are supervised at all times.

Masks may be required and are available at each layout on request.

As a previous registrant, you are able to register and pay in advance online and receive a printable version of the Tour book and pass(es), so that you can avoid the line up at the Tour registration desk at St. Anthony’s Soccer Club on October 21.

Online registration will be available only between October 1 and October 18, 2023.

In person registration is still available at St Anthony’s, for new or returning participants who prefer not to pay online.

Please pass this information to your friends who may be planning to attend this year’s tour. They will be able to find detailed instructions on the “How It Works” page of the website.


self-guided tour of model train layouts