Great Western Railway

REGION: Ottawa South

The Great Western Railway (GWR) is a freelanced N scale rail line based on Canadian National (CN) and Canadian Pacific (CP) influences in Eastern Canada. The layout depicts a fictitious route between the cities of Westport and Millhaven. The town of Dorchester is a division point where locomotives and cabooses are changed and the GWR interchanges with two other railways. Other towns on the line are Marysville and Sevenoaks. Staging yards representing Millhaven and Westport are located in the separate crew lounge and library.

Railfans at Dorchester will see a wide variety of passenger and freight trains, both through and locals. Trains from both CN and CP detour over the GWR, and special excursion runs of famous passenger trains from other railroads may also be seen. The GWR owns a locomotive maintenance and rebuilding facility; repaired locomotives from many North American railroads are tested on GWR trains.
SIZE25.5 x 12.5POWERLenz DCC
Car cards and sequence timetable
LOCALEEastern CanadaERA1950s – 1970s
FEATURESWalk-in double track folded dog-bone with staging area in separate room

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