How it Works

How it Works
▪ Plan ahead using the descriptions on this web site to choose the layouts you would like to visit. You won’t be able to do all of them so it is important to identify the ones you most want to see.
▪ Registration starts at 8:45 am, Saturday, October 19.
▪ Go to the basement meeting room at St. Anthony’s Banquet Hall, 523 St Anthony St, with photo ID for each person over 15 in your group.
▪ Follow the signs to the registration hall down stairs.
▪ Each member of your group over 15 must complete and sign a registration form. As a group, take the forms and ID to one of the staff members.
▪ Each adult member of the group will be issued with a Tour Pass and the group will receive a Tour Guide Book in the language of their choice(English or French).
▪ Pay your $10.00 admission for each adult. (This allows access to as many layouts as you can squeeze in.)
▪ Put your name on the pass and check the maps available in the map room to plan your visit.
▪ Enter the layout display room to enjoy the layouts on display at St Anthony’s.
▪ When ready, drive to your first chosen location. Observe any instructions in the Tour Guide about where to park and which door to enter.
▪ Enter the house where you will be met by a greeter who will ask you to sign the guest book. Be sure to include your pass ID number.
▪ Follow directions to the layout room and enjoy the layout. Ask questions of the members present and discover what they most enjoy about the hobby.
▪ When finished, move on to the next layout of your choice.
Have a great day!

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