How it Works (virtual tour)

  • The virtual tour includes the layouts listed below.
  • The videos are available on YouTube, starting at 8:00 am (ET), Saturday, October 23.
  • The layout videos are available for viewing in whatever order you choose.
  • Click on the layout name to go to the description page, where there will also be a link to the YouTube video, and an email link you can use to submit questions about the layout.
  • Questions will be answered by email within 1-3 days.
Layout Name Scale
Alisten Lea Junction OO
Ambleside P4
Boston and Maine Western Route / Maine Central HO
Canadian Northern HO
Chemin de fer NORD Railway HO
Great Western Railway N
Hornby DUBLO Daze OO
North Pontiac Railway HO
St. Francis Valley Railway N
Torbolton and Bay RR HO
Wakefield Valley Railroad HO
Wimplethorpe N, 2mm/ft

self-guided tour of model train layouts