Chemin de fer NORD Railway

REGION: Ottawa East

DESCRIPTIONThe chemin de fer NORD (North) Railway is under construction. The main line is operational, albeit with some temporary trackage. The current focus of effort is to complete Algonquin Pulp & Paper mill and railway to CABONGA JONCTION where the NORD Railway will exchange with the Algonquin Pulp and Paper mill railway. The layout includes a return loop going through a wall and under the stairs. The return loop is connected to an active staging yard in the crew room. Most switches are hand built to get better flowing geometry. The Algonquin railway serves the pulp and paper mill, keeping a crew busy with inbound and outbound traffic. The NORD Railway serves northern Québec.
SIZEL shape 14 base x 20 x 10 + staging yard 1.5 x 16POWERDigitrax DCC
Under development - Informal; currently switch list
LOCALEWestern Québec – Parc de la VérendryeERAIndian summer 1976, or there about
FEATURESHand built switches, radio control DCC

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